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Flea Treatments
Flea Treatments For Cats And Dogs

There are essentially 2 different types of insecticide used to prevent or eliminate flea infestations:

To remove adult fleas from your pet

Adulticides are designed to kill adult fleas on your pet. Most work within 24 hours. However, freshly-caught fleas (known as 'hitchhiker fleas') can breed rapidly and may have the opportunity to lay eggs before they die. This is why scientists the world over agree that the most effective way to prevent or eliminate fleas is to use adulticides in combination with Insect Growth Regulators (see below). This is known as Integrated Flea Control.


Insect Growth Regulators
To eliminate flea eggs in the home

Insect Growth Regulators have been developed especially to target the egg stage of the flea life cycle. Quite simply, they are designed to prevent flea eggs from hatching. So, if your cat or dog does shed any flea eggs around your home, they'll just die and get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. And all without the need to spray the house, and wash all the bedding.


There are different ways of practising Integrated Flea Control, depending on the level of control required for the pet, its 'natural' exposure to fleas, the level of control that you want to achieve, and the type of product you want to use.

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